Sports always have been a big part of my life; whether I was willing to do so, or if I was pushed on by other people to do it. I practiced sports since I was very young. I started soccer when I was 8; then I started basketball at 11; but none of them were actually consistent, since I did not have an actual interest in them.


This is my main sport; it helped me develop perseverance and physical/emotional endurance. It required me to keep fighting against the opponent, as well as fighting the urge to get down. This was a sport that I really wanted to practice, and I have practiced boxing since January of 2020.


This was one of the sports that I played; although I don’t have good memories with it, I believe that it helped me develop my abilities to cooperate with people


I have practiced soccer since I was very young; and although I did not like it very much, I practiced it for about 4 years, and it helped me make friends in Peru. It was an enjoyable sport, although, in my opinion, I don’t find the conflicts during the match fun. (I still love to watch soccer games though)


I did not practice this sport as much as the others (probably like only for a year) but it was one of the very best sports that I tried. It was fun. My body was perfectly structured for tennis. Sadly, when I came back to Korea in 2019, I could not practice tennis anymore, because the sports club nearby did not have any course of tennis that was adequate for me.


I personally am not that good at running, althought running helps me as an exercise to warm up for other activities. For Boxing, in order to stay long and keep fighting in a sparring match, you have to keep up with the endurance of the opponent. Jump-roping and running is essential for a good boxer.